Wednesday, January 15, 2014

TS Holiday Wear

This holiday season went fast. I seem to say that every year, but for some reason can never seem to find a way to make it linger just a little bit longer. I had so many hopes and goals and "to do" lists for how I was going to get everything done, and then I blinked and it was all over. Our family decided to put into place a few priority changes for next year on how we are going to better our time with each other and our loved ones, and really celebrate Christ's birth. Realizing how important that is now more than ever with kids, and how much quicker it seems to pass you by.

One of the tiny and not so important (but fun) things that I did feel prepared about was having a hair accessory for almost every party/holiday occasion I had to go to. As stated, although this doesn't weigh in as a "must" for the holidays, it is pretty fun to have a little something extra to make your outfit pop. I knew I'd have my hubby's fancy work function, a plaid party, Christmas Eve service at church, New Years, a Two Sparrows employee party;), and Christmas Day where I'd want to add a little fun to my hair. Here's a peek into each one of my holiday events and a few ways that I incorporated my hair accessories...

Two Sparrows "Employee Party"
(wearing the Snowflake Tie Back & Holiday Bouquet Hair Comb both from Winter ONEderland Collection) 

I'm snickering as I write "employee party" because this affair consisted of a whopping 2 people. Although Two Sparrows currently only consists of myself and my genius photographer sister, we take this term VERY seriously and our celebrations must reflect this:) My sister has done nothing but graciously assist me in growing my business and adding an element of professionalism that I couldn't do on my own. We decided on a "progressive" style evening, where we'd go somewhere for dinner, and somewhere else for dessert. We are old, so we didn't last too much past 11pm. Even though we live close by to each other, it's rare that we get a night out just the two of us without the kiddos in tow. We ate too much sushi, wore matching "YOLO" bracelets, and acted far less mature than we should have. Just the kind of evening these sisters like.

Fancy Schmancy NYC Shindig
(Wearing the Candycane Lane & the Cameo Headband, both from Winter ONEderland Collection)

This might be my all time FAVORITE part of the whole year. Ok, maybe top 5. But super close to the top. My hubs works for a great company, and every year they have a ridiculously beautiful event in NYC to celebrate the year's end. It typically involves a little weekend getaway in a fancy hotel, a great party on the 30349502th floor somewhere with a beautiful view, and us cramming in all of our favorite places to eat in NYC while we're there. I had ordered a gorgeous gold sequin dress for this party, to coordinate with my Candy Cane Lane Hair Comb, and long story short, it didn't come in time. So I spent the day of the party frantically walking around NYC and looking for something just as sparkly and fabulous, and came across a dress that I fell in love with. And super bonus: it paired perfectly with my hair comb! I wanted a chic, Audrey Hepburn-esq look, and rocked the top knot with the comb tucked into the base of the bun. I also wore the Cameo Headband at several points during our little getaway.

Plaid Party

(Wearing a simple custom gold bow, pretty preggo is wearing a custom sequin headband)

One of my very dearest friends, who also happens to be the best hostess, tried and true Two Sparrows model, and cutest soon-to-be-mama, had the fun idea to have a plaid party a few weeks before Christmas. Who doesn't love plaid? And parties? I already had a lot going on with this sequin accented plaid shirt (from Target), pearls and gold vintage earrings, so I didn't want to overdo it with something big. I threw my hair in a simple side pony, and popped in one of the chick's gold mini bows to finish off the look.

Christmas Eve
(the tradition of over the top/humiliating props is becoming ever present in each of my family's holiday gatherings)
(Wearing a custom hair comb, girls wearing custom gold velvet headbands)

I love my sweats. And black yoga pants. And men's fitted wife beaters. And oversized sweatshirts. All staple pieces of clothing in my opinion. But when stay at home mom wear isn't appropriate, I do love to get a little fancy. Found this dress from Forever 21 for under $30, and the gorgeous vintage inspired necklace from Molly Suzanne during her supersale for only $12! (if you haven't checked her site out yet, go now, I'm obsessed!). I did a little custom action for myself and created a hair comb to coordinate with my jewelry and dress, and popped in some super simple pearl earrings. I made these custom headbands for the chicks out of one of my very favorite fabrics for this collection-the softest, gold velvet stretch, and added some rhinestone pops in the center of the bows.

Christmas Day
(I'm wearing the Cameo Headband and the girls are wearing mini bow headbands both from the Winter ONEderland Collection)

I practically lived in this Cameo headband! It was the best subtle & chic piece for evvvverything. Christmas Day I wore it with a comfy polka dot sweater & jeans and the chicks each wore one of my favorite mini bow headbands with these gold polka dot shirts I scored at Old Navy's clearance rack for next to nothing. Score!

 New Years
(wearing Silver Bells hair comb from the Winter ONEderland Collection)

Typically for New Years, the hubs & I stay in, make excessive amounts of appetizers & desserts, and I fall asleep before the ball drops. And yes, we did this even before we had kids. What can I say, we're not very high maintenance as far as fun goes :)  But on the flip side, we love to get away from the normal and pretend to be a little high maintenance at times. This year we had the privilege to go to one of our VERY favorite and special places, and enjoy some ridiculous food and beautiful scenery. I kept it pretty low key for new years eve and wore the same dress I did for hub's Christmas party, and then new Year's Day I wore a favorite sweater, dark jeans, and this hair comb in my hair.

So, there you have it ladies! I hope you all rocked a little Two Sparrows during the holiday's like I did, and as always I'd love to see how you styled different pieces into your outfits. If you have instagram, follow us @twosparrowsheadbands and tag #twosparrows #howiworeit.

Happy Wednesday!

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