Tuesday, September 16, 2014

We made it!

I can definitely say it's been a bit of a blur since my last post, but we're finally moved, we're here, and "settled"...I say "settled" because as I'm typing I'm looking at a pile of about 15 boxes lined across my living room wall that also doesn't have a couch yet ;). But we're settled. We feel so grateful to be here and to our families that have helped us SO MUCH in this moving process. Because moving can be INSANE, and even more so with kids.

I had hoped to open my shop back up a week or so after we got here, and since we're now pushing 3 weeks since we moved, I think we all know that didn't happen;) However, I do have some fun new things up my sleeve and I'm thrilled to be able to share them in the next week or two to come. I wanted to share a quick update personally since there's a whole lot going on in our little world right now.

First of all, I have to say I have never seen as many amazing sunrises or sunsets as I have in the short time that I've lived here. SERIOUSLY? Every morning I seem to wake up just before the sun rises (which is a new thing...girlfriend likes her sleep and I rarely wake up before the second or third "snooze") and I try to shake my husband awake who seemingly doesn't find it quite as amusing as I do. And every afternoon or evening I tell him for the 50th time that I can't get over how the sun reflects off of the buildings of Manhattan. Truly breathtaking and it never seems to get old.

It doesn't look too shabby after dark either.

When we haven't been staring at the gorgeous beauty around us, we've been trying to keep our heads above the mounds of boxes and not have a small heart attack driving in Jersey traffic. I'm not kidding, I haven't gone too far beyond the little strip of road we're on, simply because this girl doesn't know how to drive Jersey yet. Thank you, Lord, for the train and ferry.

Our chicks first ride on the ferry...getting to see their expressions for all of the new experiences we've had has been the absolute best part of this whole process. They have loved almost everything about it and the stressful times we've had have gone right over their heads and have seemed nothing short of a fun adventure to them (to be a kid again right?)

Not to mention the 192192819281928 parks all over this area which have made them literally the happiest girls in the world. (Can I get an amen for gated parks?! Moms of multiples everywhere rejoice)

I've been doing my best to explore our area on foot to avoid driving as much as possible (ha), and I'm loving that we were able to move just when fall is here, when the weather isn't too hot and it's perfect for a long walk. It's so nice to be able to walk to the grocery store or the park and take everything in on the way.

SO proud and blessed to call this man my husband...he has been the most amazing supporter, father, navigator, IKEA furniture assembler, among many other attributes, and has put up with a whole lot in the past few weeks on top of starting work at a new location with a brand new commute that's a little different than what he's used to. He's loving work and couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity and I couldn't be happier for him. But I have to say my chicks and I always do a little happy dance on Friday's because we know we get to have him all to ourselves for the weekend :)

We have had so much support from our amazing families the past few weeks here and we couldn't be more grateful for their love and help!! From helping entertain the girls while we unpack to helping us assemble things to finding places for dishes in our kitchen cabinets, they've done it all. We got to show them around Jordan's office and spend time just enjoying their company while they were here.

obviously making themselves at home at daddy's office. ;)

looking out my hubby's desk window...amazing. 

Don't even get me started on what the food is like around here. My hubby and I LOVE to try new things, and we're on the strict "we'll start eating healthy tomorrow" program, which doesn't seem to be doing a whole lot for us but we're ok with it for right now;). He sent me this text last week before a morning meeting of some donuts he picked up from a local Manhattan donut shop, and I told him not to come home empty handed or else. Needless to say it was or else ;) 

He did make it up to me by taking me out for sushi, ice cream, and maybe the best margarita I've ever had for my birthday though, so I let it slide this time.

We've been having so much fun redecorating our new space, which I hope to share more of once it's a little more put together. I had been on pinterest 24/7 starting the minute we knew this was the space for us...planning and making lists and scheming things together in my mind. It's been so much fun.

If you're not following along with me on instagram (@twosparrowsheadbands) go take a peek and keep an eye out for when I open my shop back up, I can't wait to show you the new pretties I'll have once things settle down a bit in a week or two. For now, thanks for following along on our personal journey:) xo