Sunday, May 10, 2015

Freshly Picked (Giveaway)

Happy Mother's Day! I'm so excited to offer such a fun giveaway today for mamas AND their babes! If you didn't check out my instagram yet, go over and see how you can enter to win a pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins (any color & size you wish!), a mommy & me turban set, and a caramel leather bow.

Another reason I'm excited today is because I was given another opportunity to review the amazing & adorable Freshly Picked Moccasins that my daughters are wearing in all of these sweet Mother's Day pics. Freshly Picked is not only one of our favorite brands of shoes for kiddos, but the amount of respect I have for Susan (the woman behind all of the Freshly Picked magic) and her staff is out of this world. From quality of product, customer service, and cuteness factor you really can't go wrong with a pair of FP Moccs.

When I buy shoes for my kiddos, I look for something durable, comfy and something they'll get excited about wearing (because we all know the drama that can come with toddlers and picking out their own attire;). My girls LOVE wearing these shoes. They can put them on and take them off themselves (which is always nice with a toddler's growing independence) and they're not bulky or big, so they can run around free & comfortable with them on.

Recently,  Freshly Picked came out with the new cleaning wipes for your littles moccs, to keep them fresh and new looking and increase the wear you get out of them. These things are awesome and will make your moccs look good as new! We have several pairs of FP that have lasted through trips to the park, chasing daddy around the house, and just simple everyday wear. You can find the wipes on the FP website here.

Freshly Picked Moccasins are a win for mamas and their babes in all aspects, and with so many colors to choose from you'll definitely need a few pairs! (The ones we have on are Coral) 
In addition to the amazing giveaway that's being offered on instagram, I want to thank all of the great mom's out there and give you a coupon code for my shop for EVERYONE to use for this entire week! Use the code MOTHERSDAY at the checkout of my shop for 15% off any purchase. Go take a peek at the new turbans and get one for yourself or a coordinating set for you and your little. 

Happy Mothers Day! xoxo

**A huge thank you to Freshly Picked for allowing us the privilege of reviewing their fabulous product that we support and love!

**A special thanks to Nancy Noble Photograhy for taking these amazing photos amidst the craziness of three toddlers & a hot and humid day. You are loved, sis.