Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Snack time with Resqueeze

My girls LOVE snacks. Like, they ask for a "snack" as soon as they wake up in the morning, and then they rush through breakfast and triumphantly announce that they're done and proceed to ask for a snack. I'm not sure what it is-the novelty of something other than what they should be eating (a meal) or that it usually consists of something carb related in which case, can you blame them? ;)

Recently I've been trying to encourage more fruits/vegetables/protein into their diet when they ask for something in between meals, and they always get so excited when I let them have anything that involves a pouch or a squeeze packet or something unique and fun. So when I first saw these Resqueeze reusable pouches on the market I knew my girls would flip over them! And they so did. They loved the process of filling up the pouches and taking the tops off themselves (and putting them on, and taking them off, and putting them on...), and I was happy to see them devour something nutritious and healthy.

Here we used just regular applesauce to fill them, but on the Resqueeze website theres tons of recipes for creative ideas of what to fill the pouches with. Later this week I plan on filling my girls pouches with plain greek yogurt & honey to take to preschool as their morning snack. I also plan on trying the Peanut Butter Shake and Greensicle Smoothie from the website. Such a better alternative to a store bought milkshake or popsicle, and tons of fun for your kiddo. 

Ofcourse one of the main things I love about this genius product is that it's reusable, so not only is it saving me tons of money on those overpriced pouches from the store, but that the ingredients are fresh and that you know each and every ingredient that goes into them. These are BPA Free, dishwasher friendly, and can be frozen! If you have a little one who is just starting solids, the 9 ounce pouch would be great for freezing pureed veggies and fruits and just popping them out of the freezer when needed. Or if you have kiddos like mine who want to snack 24/7, why not freeze a bunch of the 6 ounce packets filled with smoothies as a quick go to when they're getting that 4pm hangry tone in their voice (moms of toddlers, you know the one.)

Make sure to head over to my instagram today to win a pack of these pouches! These make awesome baby shower gifts and even stocking stuffers for your little ones this Christmas.

Happy Snacking :) 

**Thanks to Resqueeze for partnering with us in this post!
**All photos by nancy noble photography