Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Snack time with Resqueeze

My girls LOVE snacks. Like, they ask for a "snack" as soon as they wake up in the morning, and then they rush through breakfast and triumphantly announce that they're done and proceed to ask for a snack. I'm not sure what it is-the novelty of something other than what they should be eating (a meal) or that it usually consists of something carb related in which case, can you blame them? ;)

Recently I've been trying to encourage more fruits/vegetables/protein into their diet when they ask for something in between meals, and they always get so excited when I let them have anything that involves a pouch or a squeeze packet or something unique and fun. So when I first saw these Resqueeze reusable pouches on the market I knew my girls would flip over them! And they so did. They loved the process of filling up the pouches and taking the tops off themselves (and putting them on, and taking them off, and putting them on...), and I was happy to see them devour something nutritious and healthy.

Here we used just regular applesauce to fill them, but on the Resqueeze website theres tons of recipes for creative ideas of what to fill the pouches with. Later this week I plan on filling my girls pouches with plain greek yogurt & honey to take to preschool as their morning snack. I also plan on trying the Peanut Butter Shake and Greensicle Smoothie from the website. Such a better alternative to a store bought milkshake or popsicle, and tons of fun for your kiddo. 

Ofcourse one of the main things I love about this genius product is that it's reusable, so not only is it saving me tons of money on those overpriced pouches from the store, but that the ingredients are fresh and that you know each and every ingredient that goes into them. These are BPA Free, dishwasher friendly, and can be frozen! If you have a little one who is just starting solids, the 9 ounce pouch would be great for freezing pureed veggies and fruits and just popping them out of the freezer when needed. Or if you have kiddos like mine who want to snack 24/7, why not freeze a bunch of the 6 ounce packets filled with smoothies as a quick go to when they're getting that 4pm hangry tone in their voice (moms of toddlers, you know the one.)

Make sure to head over to my instagram today to win a pack of these pouches! These make awesome baby shower gifts and even stocking stuffers for your little ones this Christmas.

Happy Snacking :) 

**Thanks to Resqueeze for partnering with us in this post!
**All photos by nancy noble photography

Friday, July 31, 2015

Rad Swim (Giveaway)

SUCH A FUN GIVEAWAY for you guys today!! I have teamed up with Rad Swim, an awesome swimwear company owned by a genius and wildly successful mama and business owner. You can read more about her and the company here. And a huge thank you to my bestie of 20+ years for using her skills to capture the fun we had in photos! She followed me & my busy girls around all morning and captured my vision for this shoot so well! 

Let's just talk about my girls swimsuits for a second-I mean really? And if you weren't already blown away by the cuteness of the Little Kylee, look here to find the matching (yes matching) Kylee for adults. Can't even take it.

These suits are even more adorable in person- seriously they are AMAZING. I constantly have trouble finding suits that fit me right and are flattering as I have a long torso, short legs, and lets face it- a few extra things that are less than desirable since becoming a mom ;) When I got the Nicole Suit the mail I ripped it open and tried it on the second I got it and literally fell in love. The coverage is amazing, the front tassel detail gives uniqueness to a simple black one piece, and it's detachable halter strap makes it so versatile. It's pretty much the best little black dress of swimsuits!

There are a lot of things that I've always valued as important when raising kids, but one of the specific things that has been a goal of mine and my husband's is to raise them to be modest. I truly believe it's important that even at the young age of 3, my girls see the value of respecting their bodies and showing modesty especially when wearing bathing suits. One thing I absolutely LOVE about Rad Swim is that all of their suits are super modest, but they're all SO AMAZINGLY CUTE. I had the option of picking which suit I wanted to review for this blog post, and truly I agonized over which one to pick haha! This one and this one were both ones I was considering along with the Nicole (and all of the others pretty much;)

The way I see it, if I can go to a beach, splash pad, and playground with my toddlers and not have to tug or pull on it in any way, and still manage to look put together by the end, it passes ALL the tests.

I'm beyond thrilled to be teaming up with Michelle of Rad Swim to give away ONE of the killer Nicole suits today as well as one of my coral hair scarves and a set of beaded bracelets! Here's what you have to do:

1. Follow @radswim and @twosparrowsheadbands on instagram if you aren't already!
2. Tag a friend, tell them they need this suit/headband/bracelet combo!
3. Do a cartwheel/roundoff/handstand combo (extra credit, obviously).

That's it! Winner will be notified through instagram ONE WEEK from today.

All photos courtesy of Leah Spina Photography
This post was graciously sponsored by Rad Swim but all opinions on their products are completely my own. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Albion Fit (Giveaway)

I'm so excited to be collaborating with the amazing company Albion today to bring you an awesome giveaway for one of these Go Long Crew's! If you know me, you know that I like to be comfortable and have little/no time to get ready in the morning. Much less try to fit in a workout of any kind. My "workouts" usually involve pushing 60 lbs of toddler uphill or on the pretty waterfront path we live near while stopping every 5 seconds to look at a duck, a sailboat or because someone needs a snack. Every so often my girls will try to whip me into shape and say "mom! you're not running, go faster!" They really know how to motivate;)

I am absolutely in LOVE with Albion's Go Long Crew for the days where I need something easy to throw on while I'm running after my two little loves, and also in hopes that I'll be able to sneak in a quick workout. These tops are made from the softest and stretchiest fabric and are long enough so they're great for moving mama's like me who don't have time to keep tugging at my clothes.

Who doesn't love thumb holes too? I'm obsessed.

These crews come in Ballet Pink, Ivory, Heather Grey and Cool Mint (the one I'm wearing). They're the ideal shirts to throw on during the week to do errands, to go for a quick run after work, or to layer over your suit at the beach. So versatile.

I'm thrilled to be giving away one Go Long Crew to a lucky lady (color of your choice!) along with one of my Grey & Coral Two Toned Turbans!! Here's what you have to do:
1. Make sure you are following me & Albion Fit on Instagram:
2.Tag 2 friends on the instagram post that mentions this blog/giveaway.
That's it! The giveaway will run for ONE week and the winner will be contacted. 

Albion was kind enough to offer a discount code exclusive for my readers only! You can use code twosparrows15 for 15% off your purchase from their amazing site. (offer expires August 5th).

All photos courtesy of Leah Spina Photography
This post was graciously sponsored by Albion Fit but all opinions on their products are completely my own. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Freshly Picked (Giveaway)

Happy Mother's Day! I'm so excited to offer such a fun giveaway today for mamas AND their babes! If you didn't check out my instagram yet, go over and see how you can enter to win a pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins (any color & size you wish!), a mommy & me turban set, and a caramel leather bow.

Another reason I'm excited today is because I was given another opportunity to review the amazing & adorable Freshly Picked Moccasins that my daughters are wearing in all of these sweet Mother's Day pics. Freshly Picked is not only one of our favorite brands of shoes for kiddos, but the amount of respect I have for Susan (the woman behind all of the Freshly Picked magic) and her staff is out of this world. From quality of product, customer service, and cuteness factor you really can't go wrong with a pair of FP Moccs.

When I buy shoes for my kiddos, I look for something durable, comfy and something they'll get excited about wearing (because we all know the drama that can come with toddlers and picking out their own attire;). My girls LOVE wearing these shoes. They can put them on and take them off themselves (which is always nice with a toddler's growing independence) and they're not bulky or big, so they can run around free & comfortable with them on.

Recently,  Freshly Picked came out with the new cleaning wipes for your littles moccs, to keep them fresh and new looking and increase the wear you get out of them. These things are awesome and will make your moccs look good as new! We have several pairs of FP that have lasted through trips to the park, chasing daddy around the house, and just simple everyday wear. You can find the wipes on the FP website here.

Freshly Picked Moccasins are a win for mamas and their babes in all aspects, and with so many colors to choose from you'll definitely need a few pairs! (The ones we have on are Coral) 
In addition to the amazing giveaway that's being offered on instagram, I want to thank all of the great mom's out there and give you a coupon code for my shop for EVERYONE to use for this entire week! Use the code MOTHERSDAY at the checkout of my shop for 15% off any purchase. Go take a peek at the new turbans and get one for yourself or a coordinating set for you and your little. 

Happy Mothers Day! xoxo

**A huge thank you to Freshly Picked for allowing us the privilege of reviewing their fabulous product that we support and love!

**A special thanks to Nancy Noble Photograhy for taking these amazing photos amidst the craziness of three toddlers & a hot and humid day. You are loved, sis.