Sunday, December 29, 2013


Oh hi! Remember me? It’s only been approximately 1.5 years since my last post ;) (and no I'm not being dramatic). So many times I have sat down and tried to come up with some type of update, or thank you, or anything really, just to give an update of where we’re at now.  But every time, I just couldn’t seem to get the “right” words out or to express my gratitude to all of you. The reason I started this blog was to update family & friends regarding our sweet baby girls’ health status during my scary pregnancy with them, and what was a little way of keeping people updated became a HUGE chain of prayers and blessings and kind words & actions from SO many people. If you were one of those people, we can’t thank you enough. If you are just following along and have a minute, please take a peek at our story starting here: (it's a long read, but it's the beginning of our journey as our little family of four, and a true example of the faithfulness of the Lord.) 

I still sit here overwhelmed by all the Lord has done in the two very short, but very incredible years that the Lord has given us with our twin girls. I’m overwhelmed by gratefulness. Gratefulness for the chaos. The sleepless nights. The when one gets sick, they both get sick. The messes. The question “Are they twins?” The giggles. The time outs. The crayon on the wall. The two of everything. The cuddles. The new phases. The new words. The lessons. I’m grateful for all of this because it means they’re here, in our arms, and in our lives. We can hold them, smell them, kiss them, love them. Oh, how my heart is grateful. For so long we wondered and waited and watched. The ultrasounds we saw and the scary things we heard and the heartache we felt. And they’re here. And I’m grateful. 

 I know life isn’t promised to us, and that our days are numbered. And none of us know the number of our own days except for our Creator. But for today, with our babies, we are grateful.

They’re two years old today.

What did I say?

My babies are TWO years old today. 

We have TWO babies. And today they’re TWO years old. Jesus, thank you. 

Today we celebrate their life, and the life that the Lord decided to give them. Despite what the doctors said, despite what the odds said, JESUS said otherwise. And for THAT, I’m grateful. 

This weekend we got to celebrate Henley & Eden’s life with our families. Although not everyone was there that we would have hoped could be, it was cozy and happy and full of wonderful. They ate cake, Henley face first and Eden very lady like. They ran with balloons, back and forth, Henley saying “bayoon”, Eden saying something no one could really comprehend but we all laughed because no one could comprehend it. They snuggled with grandmas. They put pretend makeup on grandpas. They called everyone by name. They did FaceTime with Titi & Uncle Mark who couldn't be there. They shared with their cousin. They sang songs with their auntie. They played toys with their uncle. It was perfect. 

Today, we celebrate two. Two babies, two miracles, two years. To my girls, you are the best, most challenging, most rewarding, most beautiful, most snuggly, best smelling, funniest, most memorable gifts that have ever been given to your dad and I. Happy 2nd Birthday, Eden & Henley! HOORAY! 

(all photos courtesy of talented auntie, nancy noble photography)