Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How I Wore It (Twinny Edition)

Motherhood is pretty spectacular. It's amazing in all of the ways I never expected. It's amazing in that I never expected to love my "home" days so much...where all I seem to do is pick up after my kids, make them meals, try to wash fold AND put away an entire load of laundry before 5pm, and manage to throw something together for dinner. I think the reason I love these days so much is because they're what some of the best memories are made of. They're the days where those little moments happen where you don't have the time to document them, they just happen and you live them and you enjoy them. The days where your kids are both in time out and you go over after their two minutes are up and you all make eye contact and for no reason start laughing hysterically, which turns into a tickle fight and two pairs of eyes looking up at you and two little voices saying "again, again" and suddenly all is forgiven. The days where you keep saying to them,"hurry", and after the 50th time you say it, realize that wait, I don't really want you to hurry. Stay here, stay this way, take your time. The days where you are so exhausted and your playroom is a mess but you realize it's that way because you were busy living life together too much to care. Just a typical day at home. Nothing crazy, nothing glamorous. But, THESE are the days.

We don't get out of our jammies every day (shhh)...but when we do, we do love to get a little cute. We also love a deal...and since I have two girls the same age, I have a hard time justifying paying full price for clothing that I know will either get worn out or grown out of pretty quickly. This is why, I am a mildly obsessive thrifter.  I LOVE the hunt, the "aha" moment when you find that PERFECT piece to go with that PERFECT other piece you got at that other thrift store, and then the kicker-the ridiculous price. I would say 80% of all of our clothes are thrifted or consigned, and I am totally ok with that! In fact I prefer it. I love clothes, and I love dressing my girls in cute things, so in order to be able to do that, thrifting and I have no choice but to be tight. We search for styles & brands we love, and if it's last season, no one has complained yet ;) We also love original vintage things, the things that you can't get anywhere anymore that have that sweet, one of a kind, old fashioned look.


Both chicks are wearing headbands from our recent Valentine's mini collection, and I wanted to show that they don't need to ONLY be worn on Valentine's Day! This may come as a surprise to you, but I am not typically a pink & purple, hearts on everything type of girl. I tend to gravitate towards neutrals, and simpler, softer feminine things. The Conversation Heart headband that Henely is wearing was SO much fun for me to create, because while it does have the heart aspect, the heart is teeny tiny and we all know that anything teeny tiny is an automatic win because teeny tiny is adorable. We also know that this heart is gold, and in my book, gold is considered a neutral:) We like gold just a bit around here, and if we could just "poof" a touch of gold on just about everything, I'm pretty sure we would. This sweet headband can also be made as a clip for those littles who tend to pull headbands off more than they keep them on.

The clip that my sweet Eden is wearing can be sold as shown or on a skinny white elastic band. We love this one! It's so girly & sweet but it's also neutral enough to not be considered ONLY a Valentine's bow. I think it gives just the right hint of pink to the tan and white outfit she's wearing.

Headbands don't need to be just for special occasions! Even when you're having a "home day", its nice to have a little something extra in your hair :) Both of these hair goodies are available in my shop, you can see by clicking the "shop" button underneath our little family pic on the right side of this page! 

We'll leave you today with a real deal photo of what our days at home look like...and frankly I think it's pretty great :) HAPPY WEDNESDAY!