Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sunday's Best (Giveaway)

Let's be honest here. I love getting dressed up. But what I love even more most of the time is a quick way to look like I got all dressed up without all the effort. When I get ready for church on Sunday, I like to look feminine & put together, but a little more subtle. I also love when I can pull together a look quickly, with minimal effort, because anyone with little ones knows that getting yourself & your littles to church every week dressed, prepared, and ON TIME is not for the faint of heart. (Please tell me I'm not alone here). Hair accessories are a fab way to pull an outfit together and make it look polished without being over the top. This past week I pulled out one of my very fav's from the Winter ONEderland Collection, the Sunday's Best Headband. This is one of my favorites because the rhinestone trim makes it super glam & girly, but it's raw, frayed edges make it look a little more antique & worn in too. It lays flat against your head so it gives just the perfect pop of something without being a huge attention-getter.

I paired this sweet thang with a pair of white & gold chandelier earrings from Forever 21, rose colored lace dress from Marshalls, white tights and some classic beige platform pumps. So, there you have it! Easy, put together, and feminine. Side seen in the photos, my bangs are currently confused as to whether they are side bangs or straight bangs. They've been scolding me for a while now, and I just can't seem to take the plunge yet either way. Going back and forth deciding what's happening next with my hair, and the clock is ticking quickly before my eyes start to disappear :) 

So the fun part of all this-I'm giving away one of these amazing Sunday's Best headbands to one pretty winner! Here's what you have to do to enter:
1.Follow me on instagram @twosparrowsheadbands (or go click the little instagram button under our family photo on the top right)
2.Like Two Sparrows on Facebook 
3. Leave a comment below and tell me YOUR best tip for looking put together quickly. Also, if you would be so kind to vote on side bangs, straight bangs, or grow the bangs, it would be appreciated. Please and thanks :) 
You have ONE WEEK to enter and the winner will be immediately contacted by me. Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love to curl my hair the night before. Then I have more time for breakfast and I get the nice tousled look that's easy to throw an accessory/hair scarf in and run. I also sleep with my false lashes on to gain more time!:)
    I am also a huge fan of side bangs!!!:) love them!

    1. Marissa-congrats! You won the giveaway! Please email me at with your address and I will have it sent your way asap :)

    2. Yay!!! I have been checking back periodically to see who won!:)

  2. I like to have a lot of "classics" in my wardrobe so that I can just grab something and look put-together. I'm also a fan of side bangs. :)

  3. Absolutely, hands-down the BEST early morning time-saver (life-saver) is dry shampoo. I can go 3-4 days without washing my hair which seriously cuts down shower time! Not to mention the added volume... and who can argue with that! My favorite is Bumble and Bumble Brown Hair Powder, and I think Dove Refresh + Care works great for you blondies! As for the bang dilemma, I am in the SAME boat. I can't blink without my bangs moving. I'm leaning towards trimming them up and keeping the straight bangs at least until it starts getting warmer outside! My vote is to trim trim trim!