Friday, January 31, 2014

Meet my BFF (and yours too)

You know you've got that person...the one who isn't technically related to you, but it would be wrong to think of them as anything other than family. The one who makes you laugh until you cry and cry until you laugh. The one who has seen you through everything....and I mean evvvvvverything. Here's mine:

Meet my BFF, Leah. Leah and I have been friends for 20 years this year. TWENTY YEARS. If that doesn't make me start to feel old, I don't know what will. Not only have we been friends that long, but, besties if you will. Sure, we've been through our ups and downs, we've had a few weeks of not talking here and there, and maybe even a full out legit wrestling/hair pulling match thrown in there once or twice (I promise you I'm referring to our MUCH younger days), but we've always made it through alive, and better for it:)

(Tweety Bird was our jam back in these days)

Leah and I have done so much together. It started out when we were both in that fabulous awkward stage, you know, the one where you're experimenting with your style and getting braces and glasses that are huge & purple and trying to find your way. Yeah, that one. We both went to a really small church where we were really the only two our age, so we kind of magnetized towards each other and figured we better make this work. And I'm so glad for that! It was definitely the beginning to a lonnnnnnnng, crazy, amazing adventure.We had sleepovers, we traveled, we experienced highschool, we were cheerleaders, went on double dates, got sent to the principles office together, went to the prom together. We have even traveled to Guatemala and climbed an active volcano together. We've done a lot of things, but most importantly we've done life together. She came over for dinner pretty much weekly, and we giggled the entire way through dinner until my parents excused us from the table. We listened to our favorite song and made horrifically embarrassing music videos. She was in the NICU days after my girls were born. I saw both of her sons in the hospital right after being born and cried like a little girl. She and my sister so willingly helped me go to the bathroom on my wedding day because my dress was huge and you know, bathroom trips are always better with your friends.

(highschool graduation day, we had a joint party, obvi)

 Leah has taught me so much about friendship and what it means to be loyal. She is ALWAYS there. Like always always. I know for a fact that no matter what circumstances may come our way, we will always be friends. You know what else is funny? Leah and I are like oil & water. We are TOTALLY opposite. She says tomato, I say tomato (just say it out loud, you know what I mean). There are very few things that mesh as far as our interests/styles/likes go, besides food ofcourse. We can both agree that food is great. But one thing I know for certain is that our differences have made us better, because we have been able to encourage each other and "balance eachother out" in the areas we need growth. Another plus is that our husbands are JUST LIKE US! And by that I mean her husband is just like me, and mine is JUST like her. Kind of a plus when you're trying to understand you're spouse better :)

 (roughing it with the other necessity to our bestie crowd, my 
awesome sister. Clearly in order to go camping you need various neon bandannas) 

In going through all of the amazing photo gems you're getting the privelege to see, I found a few little "notes" from middle school and highschool. I spent the afternoon laughing and shedding a few tears over these notes, thinking how blessed I am to have a friend like this for so long. The notes were hysterical really, like who was a good kisser in 9th grade. I figured I'd spare you all from the scandalous things that were shared between us ;) 

No matter what, this chick will always be my bestie. One thing we are both loving lately is that the DRESS UP headband from the mini Valentine's Collection. This headband is uh-ma-zing, and it's what I like to refer to as the BFF of headbands. Its simple, versatile, sparkly, and EASY. She likes pink and I like gold, and guess what? There's a PINK one AND a GOLD one! She has a pixie cut and I have long hair, but guess what?! It looks equally as adorable on both! No matter what, I don't think any girl can turn down a little bling every now and then. As of Wednesday, I had sold out of both the pink and the gold, but as of today, I have RESTOCKED and have only a few in my shop in both colors! For $12 a pop, you can't really go wrong. And today ONLY, use code FREESHIPPING on any purchase in my shop for free domestic shipping on any order!

Now go grab one for you & that bestie of yours, and take bestie selfies. 


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