Tuesday, December 13, 2011

29 weeks

Last week, I got a package in the mail from California. Since I don't really know anyone in California I was curious to see what was inside. When I opened it I couldn't help but feel so blessed, and I feel like I've overused this phrase in the past few months but, overwhelmed with thankfulness. It really is the only way of describing how the Lord has continually cared for us and shown us His great love through different circumstances, people, and kindness that has been shown to Jordan and I from people we know, and people we don't know.

What I recieved was a package from a woman named Danielle, who has an incredibly beautiful ministry called Knit Together by Love. She bases her ministry on Colossians 2:2 which says "I want them to be encouraged and knit together by strong ties of love", and her whole focus is prayer. If she hears of someone with a need, she knits them something and as she knits she prays specifically for their needs. (I'm tearing up just thinking about it again). Danielle was told about our circumstances by an incredible friend of mine who has been such a support to me during these past few months. Not only do we have her support in prayer, but she made these for us:

(please disregard the toaster oven that completely ruins the picture:)

2 adorable knit hats for the girls, and a scarf for me. Now every time I see them I am reminded of her kindness and encouragement to us, and what the Lord has brought us through. You can see Danielle's amazing website and find out more about her ministry here: http://daniellesque.blogspot.com/p/knit-together-by-love.html

Thank you, Danielle, your heart is beautiful and we are so encouraged by the way the Lord is using you!!

Our appointment was really encouraging yesterday, thank you to everyone who was praying for us! With only 16 days to go (!!!), we are excited and anxious about meeting our little girls that we feel like we know so well already. Our girls weights are up to 2 lbs 15 ounces (Baby A) and 2 lbs 4 ounces (Baby B), which is really great. Ofcourse we hope they continue to put on as much weight as possible before they are born, but the doctor said that Baby A's weight is on track for what a single baby would be at this stage, and B is definitely a bit smaller, but she has been showing consistent growth, which is amazing considering the lack of nutrition she is getting. He said that B is doing "remarkably well" given her circumstances. I think that was my first "proud mom" moment, hearing that my kid was doing "remarkably well" :) Ofcourse she is, she's a fighter and she has the Lord on her side, the Sustainer and Giver of Life!

Something Jordan and I like a lot about our doctor is that he tells us exactly how it is, good or bad, and doesn't sugar coat things. This is so crucial to us, as we want to know how to prepare and what to be praying for for our girls. He told us yesterday that although both girls are looking pretty good, he expects baby A (the bigger one) to have a harder time after they are born. This seems ironic because all along we have been praying so much especially for B, because she is the one that is lacking more nutrition, growth, etc. The doctor explained that because B has been operating under stress for the past 7 months she has been inside of me, she is used to surviving under stress, and this will actually help her when it comes to being born early at 32 weeks. However, since A has had a pretty "normal" past few months as far as nutrition and growth and blood flow, she has not been used to stress, and being born this early could be tougher for her. We are confident that the Lord will sustain our babies and bring them through this, but please remember to keep her in prayer too. The doctor also looked at both of their hearts, and although he said he wasn't concerned, he found a tiny bit of fluid around Baby A's heart, that wasn't there before. Like I said, he didn't seem overly concerned, but I know it's probably not something that they like to see.

If you are praying, please keep these few things in prayer:

1. For both babies, specificially for B that the Lord would continue to sustain her and give her everything she needs for a safe and healthy delivery. For A, that the fluid around her heart would dissapear, and that she would amaze the doctors at how well she does after delivery.
2. I know it sounds like a little thing, but that both babies would be able to come home with us at the same time. Ofcourse we want them to be in the NICU for however long it takes for them to be healthy, but we would be so happy to have to not separate our babies homecoming.
3. That the Lord would keep Jordan and I healthy through the next few months so that we are able to take care of our babies as much and as best we can.
4. That the Lord would continue to work his miracles and that we'd be able to share His love and goodness with the doctor's and nurses that we come in contact with, especially the ones we've worked closely with for the past few months.

"Believing and trusting are hard work because they involve a surrendering process--a giving up of control...none of us are in control of our world except God, and nothing happens to our loved ones that He doesn't know about." ~Andrea Boeshaar


  1. Mostly fabulous news :) and the knitting is one of the most beautiful ideas I've ever seen or heard of, praying for you jordo and the turkies and thanking God for putting you in my life every day.

  2. Hello! I have been following your blog, and I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you four! What a testimony the Lord is already writing for your little ones. May the Lord bless you all with His peace and sustain you with His love! <3

  3. Wonderful news and thank you for the prayer updates! Those hats and scarf are beautiful and that is so kind of Danielle to do for you! God is watching over every tiny little detail of your family (of four!). I will continue praying!

  4. Hi there,
    A friend of mine passed along the link to your blog to me. My babies, Hayden and Connor, are TTTS survivors. They were delivered at 30w3d at St. Peter's in Albany. We were also evaluated at CHOP, twice actually, and somehow kept stable without medical intervention in Stage I. Along the way I learned quite a bit about SIUGR as well. My boys were born at 2lb15oz and 3lb8oz, and after 46 days in the NICU came home together, healthy as can be, save for being preemies. I'd love to talk with you and offer any support that I can throughout the rest of your pregnancy and beyond, during the NICU stay. My email is lindsaycastiglione@gmail.com. God bless and I'll be praying for your family!


  5. I have been following you guys since Danielle at Take Heart shared about you. This morning in my quiet time, I was reading Psalm 71 and verses 5-6 brought you to mind. "For You are my hope; O Lord God, You are my confidence from my youth. By You I have been sustained from my birth; You are He who took me from my mother's womb; my praise is continually of You.". Praying this morning that God continues to give you hope and confidence, that He continues to sustain your babies until His perfect timing for their birth!


  7. I will pray for your little girls to be safe. "For You created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb."(Psalm 139:13)

  8. I am SO excited for you... all four of you!! God bless you all.