Thursday, September 1, 2016

End of Summer with Rad Swim (Giveaway)

You guys! I can't believe summer is coming to a close. Where did it go?! I feel like I say that every year but with kids I feel like the time especially flies by. We had an amazing summer of seeing family, lake days with friends, late night swing set playing and a few amazing vacations sprinkled in there too. My hubby and I were out of this world blessed to be able to take a trip to Cabo San Lucas (alone!!) for a week. It was incredible! Pictures don't do it justice and it was just such a much needed relaxing time after a few pretty stressful was an amazing way to kick off the summer! Obviously bathing suits were high on the list of what I needed to pack, and I could NOT wait to whip out my newest Rad Swim piece, the Krystal! This bathing suit is not your average one piece people! This suit screams romantic-getaway-with-your-hubby-in-Mexico :) 

One of my favorite things about this suit is how well made it is! I tend to shy away from white suits for the sheer fact that they're (no pun intended) sheer! This is lined so well and even when you're in and out of the water it's never see through. 

Another thing I love about this suit is the detail. The front fringe, the gold, that strappy back, the lines and gold halter! I love the complexity of it without it being too busy on the eye. 

 I also lived in head wraps while we were in Mexico-this one was my favorite! I had a few for sale a few months back but tucked one away for today's giveaway! So if you missed out, today's your chance to get your hands on one. 

Most beautiful views, weather, flowers, everything. I cannot wait to go back!

As if this suit couldn't get better, did you know it comes in a MINI version?!?! Are. You. Kidding. Me. As soon as Michelle, the sweet and talented woman behind Rad Swim sent the package, I couldn't wait to tear it open and try the Little Krystal on my girls!! HOW CUTE!? She didn't skimp on detailing on the little suits either-they're 100% identical to the adult version which makes it even more adorable. 

Sweetest sisters (and note the chocolate ice cream on the bum;) 

YAY for summer!!! I love these suits so much and even more so love Michelle and her amazing company. She is legit one of the kindest, most generous people I have ever worked with! Her company and values are something I love supporting, and know you will too! She has so kindly agreed to give away one of her FAB Krystal suits to one of you, and I'm throwing in this neon headwrap AND a coral felt bow! To enter, make sure you comment on instagram and tag a friend who you think would love Rad Swim & Two Sparrows! xo

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