Thursday, May 8, 2014

B&C Top 5

Oh hey! Welcome to a new series on my blog...B&C Top 5! Let me give you a little background before we jump right in...
So, my girl Bianca & I have been friends for quite some time now...from our little cheerleading days in junior high/highschool, to her and her little (or not so little anymore) bro being pretty much the sole reason that my hubby and I first started getting to know each other. And in just a few months I'll have the sweet privilege of standing with her & her man as a bridesmaid as they say I Do. We've been through a lot! And this girl has been nothing but a sigh of relief to me the past few months especially as I've been getting busier and busier with Two Sparrows. Cutting fabric, throwing out ideas, typing up timelines, and giving me that little push and/or extra cup of coffee when I'm slacking. So grateful for her help and passion for Two Sparrows, to see it flourish and become more of what I've been dreaming of it to be! But more on that later...
We wanted to collab on a blog post once a month to break things up and bring you a little sass from each of us, so here you have it, B&C Top 5! Clearly it has taken us hours upon hours to limit our current favorite obsessions to FIVE THINGS, but we hope you can find some of these useful, or that they at least bring a smile to your face! xoxo B&C 

1. Made By Mary Design. NEED I SAY MORE! If you got here today through my instagram feed or look at the photo posted above, you'll see my *favorite* necklace of all time made by this talented chick. I posted a photo of it a few weeks back, but my awesome photog sis was able to capture a pretty legit photo of the detail of it! This is her shop, and she creates custom bar necklaces among other things.  I so happened to score this bad boy during one of her amazing sales, and literally PULLED my car over to the side of the road to order because I knew she'd sell out...and that she did, in an hour! Girl's got talent. You can find her on instagram (@madebymarywithlove). {C}

2. This bathing suit. I'm crossing my fingers that it comes with the sultry beach waves and mysterious caves. Or at least the fun bangles?! [Full disclosure: I just bought this and C has one almost identical to it already and LOVES it! So flattering] {B}

3. THIS print . Ahh, Lindsay Letters, another talented mama who I respect so much! Her beautiful prints & canvasas have me looking for hours, deciding which five, no six, no seven, to order at one time. I currently have this print and am planning on having it be a part of my gallery wall over my living room. THIS is what I'd love for my living room wall to look like when it's done...for that whole living room ;) {C}

4. This is beautiful, right?? I *love* flowers, and this would be an incredible way to have flowers in the house! Now I just have to figure out how to get them to stay... {B}

5. I constantly go back to this post on one of my favorite websites, APW.  It may be one of the most beautiful stories of love that I've ever read. The author paints a picture of a love lifestyle that I want to create in my own life, and helps me recognize specific moments in my day that I can choose to understand as love. {B}

Have a lovely day! 
(a little throwback from our last highschool/college days;)