Friday, April 4, 2014

The good, the bad, and the slightly embarassing.

Hi friends! It's been a while since my last post, so I thought I'd make it up to you with a whole bunch of embarassing pics and facts about myself :)
FACT: I'm 27 years old and I still love playing dress up. One of the things I love about my work is the photoshoots! The planning, the staging, shopping at my favorite thrift stores for the perfect outfits & props,color scheming, hair, makeup, I love it all!
But the truth is, that isn't real life. Real life is flashing myself a glance in my kitchen mirror on my way out the door making sure I don't have food on my face from breakfast. Because, spending an hour getting ready every morning making sure my face is flawless and my hair is on point? HA. Not happening. In case you forgot, I have two sweet and BUSY little toddlers running haywire in our house daily. Things are less than peaceful while getting ready in the morning.
FACT: I'm pretty bias, but I think my daughters are just beautiful. From their fiery personalities to their huge eyes that are just like their daddy's, I just cant get enough of their sweet little faces. So cliche, but they are literally so beautiful on the inside that it just shines. They are sassy and inquisitive and smart and funny and just all around two of my favorite people.
But lets remember, they're two. They have tantrums that are bigger than they are. They yell things that are more than slightly embarassing in public. Every task is "all by yourself". They repeat E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G...which may or may not always be the best for mama over here. Oh, and despite what it may look like, posing for photos is not always their favorite pastime.
(I mean, if you have an itch...) 
FACT: It may seem to you that I am a sweet, quiet, feminine person who daily wears flowy vintage dresses and the most divine shade of lipstick and high heels while I vacuum. 
In reality? I am a huge dork. Laughing is my favorite and anyone who can make me laugh or laugh with me can quickly win my affection. I love to joke around and feel like very few things should be taken too seriously. (Disclaimer: Despite my love for all things humor, I am a highly responsible mom/wife/human and make sure to be overly obsessive about safety and health. ;) I do feel that a strong reason I am like this is due to my nature that I am NOT an overly graceful person. I am constantly running into things, tripping, or saying "oops". If you can't learn to laugh at yourself, what can you do? :) 

FACT: Girlfriend doesn't "eat clean" all the time. Enough said. 

FACT: What you see isn't always the full picture.
If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I love posting updates of what my kiddos are wearing, what new collection I'm working on, or a new way to wear a Two Sparrows headband. However, what you don't see is my messy craft room (why I can't keep this one room clean at all times is beyond me), my mismatched t-shirt and sweats, or that somehow ALL of my socks get holes in them. ?
Go ahead, I give you permission to stare at this gorgeous Christmas-card worthy photo of myself. AKA if any of you ever have a reason to blackmail me, this photo right here is for you. I had an idea for a preview photo for my Christmas Collection last year, and my sis is an amazing enough photographer to make that first photo look so alluring and gorgeous. What you DIDN'T see when I posted that original photo was that I had no makeup on, my hair was far from done, and I was wearing socks. I can't. People, this is real life.

FACT: My daughters are such good sports. I love that I have a business that I am blessed enough to do from HOME so that I can be with them every hour of every day.
It has always been my dream to be a stay at home mama, and I'm beyond grateful to be living out that dream. I try to limit how much work I do during the day, so that I don't spend my minutes sewing and scheming rather than soaking up the precious moments I have with my girls. But when I do have to do a little work, my little chicks work right alongside me. And that includes photoshoots! I can't say they're always as thrilled as I am, but I hope that one day I can look back on these photos with them and share things like, "remember when I loaded you two up in the stroller and carried a rocking chair, pillows, blankets, snacks, baskets, AND a canopy all in my arms while pushing you just so I could set everything up without having to make multiple trips?" Oh, and I did all this without realizing that the stroller brake was on and the whole time I wondered "WHY is this thing so hard to push today?" Their mama is crazy. ;)

FACT: My family is amazing. From my ridiculously talented photographer who just so happens to be my sister, to my cheering dad & nephew who put up with a whole lot of estrogen during photoshoots, to my helpful & fun mom who herds the chicks, and my sweet-as-pie in laws who love to entertain my girls sometimes while I sew or catch up on orders. SO incredibly grateful for family. Couldn't do it without them.

One thing I hope I portray in my work is that I strive to be authentic. I never want people to think I have it all together, or that me & my chicks are dressed and ready to rumble every day by 8am, or that I know the secrets of balancing it all. Because I don't :) And I'm on that journey of figuring all of this out right along with everyone else. I love sharing small pieces of my life with you through my work, and I'm so grateful that you've allowed me that opportunity! xoxo

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