Friday, November 11, 2011

One more day

Our hearts are so overwhelmed with thankfulness. We were floored at how many people have told us they read the blog and are praying, passing it onto others, fasting, and being a support to us. We had a flood of messages and comments from people we know and love, and people who haven't even ever met us, and we are so grateful. WHEN our girls are here and old enough to understand, I can't wait to share with them the many words of encouragement from all of you, and how many people prayed for them before they were even born. What a blessing. Thank you.

So my good friend Danielle is a blog master ;) and creates gorgeous templates for people and their blogs. She has been praying for our babies for quite some time, and wrote me the sweetest message yesterday saying how much of an outlet blogging is and how it has blessed her and how much it can bless others, and that she wanted me to have a pretty place to do that too. Thank you Danielle for taking the time to make me a beautiful blog that I can share my heart with others on. The girls love it.

We had our weekly ultrasound scheduled for yesterday(Friday). It felt like it took an eternity for the ultrasound tech to get a scan of both babies heartbeats. Usually that's one of the first things they do, but for some reason she did what felt like a million other things before we got to hear that beautiful sound. Both hearbeats were good, and again they were moving around like crazy. Thank you God, for another day with them.

Since day 1, Baby B (the smaller of the two) has been the one who is most difficult to get photos of, and she gives the hardest time to the techs and the doctors when they are looking for what they need. Every time we leave with pictures, we usually have a completely clear photo of Baby A's profile or face, and Baby B just is way too busy having fun to cooperate. No time for pictures, Mom, I'm practicing my dancing for when I come out. The techs usually chuckle a little and say "wow, she really is busy" or something along those lines. You keep being busy, Baby B, we don't want it any other way.

Unfortunately, the doctor we usually see is out until next week, so the one we saw yesterday didn't really have a clue as to what was going on concerning our visit to CHOP on Tuesday, or much of anything else for that matter. It was a little frustrating, Jordan and I both wished our normal doctor had been there to go over everything and help us come up with a plan, as much as possible. He did however look at both babies hearts, movement, and brain activity and said all looked pretty good right now, and that every week we would assess if they needed to be delivered that week or not. Praying they make it until 32 weeks, and if so, he said that there isn't much of a difference between twins born at 32 weeks or 34, so that was reassuring. We want them to be in the healthiest environment possible, and that is the trickiest part in this whole thing, for the doctors to know exactly when that time is.

I asked how big the babies should be at this point, and he said about a pound and a half each. A is exactly that and B isn't too far behind, so we are thankful. I was thinking today about how small they will be when they are born, and how I've never seen a baby less than 7 or 8 lbs in person. It's going to be so surreal and in a way, scary. I keep envisioning them in the NICU and their little hands and feet. I want so badly to know what they look like, what they sound like. If we deliver at 32 weeks, that's only 7 weeks away. In a way, 7 weeks doesn't seem long at all, but on the other hand, I know it's going to be a continual process of looking to the Lord for strength for each day that goes by.

Again, Jordan and I appreciate all of your support SO much. We are so thankful and blessed and give all glory to the Lord for what He is doing in our lives and through our situation. We don't always know why things happen the way they do, and we may never know...but if it can bring honor to Him, we can find so much comfort in that. More soon...


  1. Hi! I have been praying for your family as well. I am a friend of Nancy's and she sent me your blog (very beautiful too btw!). I used to be a chaplain in a Women and Children's hospital so I understand a little about your struggle with the doctors, tests, and resulting anxiety. I want to share that in my short time there I saw test results point to a very dire outcome for a family -- yet a perfectly healthy baby resulted. That wasn't the case every time, but neither was it that a family had the faith to pray and believe in a miracle, which this family did. We worship an awesome God that rewards faith in action which is exactly what you are doing and have done in keeping your babies. I thank you for inviting me into your story to be a witness! Love never fails.

    God bless! Rosie V.

  2. hi! i design with danielle and i found your blog on her blog today. i'm sitting in bed totally crying for you and hurting for you. and at the same time i'm so overwhelmed by your faithfulness to the Lord and how trustworthy you are in his perfect plan. i will be praying for you and will be keeping up on your journey.

  3. wow! what a journey! I myself have my own up and down journey, I lost my husband three years ago. And through the questions and confusion what has kept my head above waters is the Lord. So excited that you guys know Jesus! I couldn't imagine going through life without him. Thanks for sharing your journey and being so transparent, it's refreshing:) I will be praying God does miracle after miracle and that everyone you meet will see the Lord through your story and through your girls!

  4. I found you through Danielle's blog... I am so touched by your story, and I will pray for you, your husband, and your sweet, precious girls. God is faithful and will give you peace and grace enough for each day - thank you for being willing to share your story... it will bless so many. Love to you!

  5. Just linked here from Danielle's blog. I hope that you and your husband can find peace in this difficult time. Sending love your way!

  6. Hello!

    First off, I found you through Danielle's blog. What an amazing friend you have!

    I am so glad I found your blog. I read your story and I will be here, praying for you guys the whole way through. I can't imagine what you guys are going through and I pray you are blessed with hope, courage and strength!

    Btw, my daughter was 6lbs when she was born. Small but so strong, and those babies grow so fast so try not to worry about a small baby :) I know God will take are of them.

    You are such an inspiration to all!

  7. God will bless you and your babies with all the faith that you and your husband hold for Him!
    God is in the details. and know that I am also praying for you and your baby girls!

  8. Hi! I am a friend of Danielle's from church. I am praying for your family! I'm sitting here reading your blog with tears in my eyes, in awe of and thankful for your faith in the Lord. What little miracles your girls are! They are crying out the glory of the Lord with each precious heartbeat, and I will pray that they continue to cry out for a VERY long lifetime.

    My precious son was a preemie, 5lbs 6 oz and 16 inches long. When we brought him home 2 weeks later from the NICU he was less than 5 lbs, but he was insanely strong! He has no residual issues, praise God!

    Also, my friend was pregnant at the same time, but they had to deliver her daughter by emergency c-section at I think 25 weeks. (We were both due in mid August and Paige's birthday is May 10!). She was so incredibly tiny, and so incredibly perfect. She was just over a pound, and 12 inches long. She was in the NICU at Alb Med for a couple of months, but now she is a healthy, happy, very intelligent 8 year old with no residual effects from her ordeal. God is simply amazing.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, and I pray we can be a blessing through prayer for you as you continue your journey in faith. Sending love, prayers, and many blessings to the 4 of you!!

  9. I just LOVE your story. I don't love that you are going through such a hard time, but I do love your attitude toward it all. It seems like it could be easy to be negative and not try to look for what the Lord is doing, but you don't! I love your blog and cannot wait to read along. I will most definitely be praying for your little girls and for you guys as you wait on the Lord. God bless!

  10. I will be praying for you and your beautiful girls. Thank you for sharing your story. Your strength is admirable. xoxoxo

  11. continuing to pray for y'all.
    my heart hurts for you, may the lord draw you ever closer.
    praying you know his perfect peace. xo

    and your blog looks delightful;)

    psalm 54:4
    behold, god is my helper;
    the lord is the upholder of my life.

  12. Prayin' for you!!
    Take peace and comfort in knowing our God is in control.
    He's watching over your sweet girls and blessing them... and you!!
    Hang in there!

    (popping over from Danielle)

  13. I found your blog via Danielle's blog and wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you. I haven't been in your exact circumstances, but I have had 3 premie babies. My smallest was 4 lbs 8 ounces and my biggest was 5 pounds 12 ounces. All three are wonderful and you'd never know how tiny they were when they entered the world.
    One of the things that I clung to when I knew my babies would come early and after they were born and they were in the NICU was that God knew before the foundation of the earth that I would have these sweet precious babies and He knew they would be born early and He knew the struggles we would face. He knew all this and He knew how much we would need Him. He was faithful to provide exactly what we needed exactly when we needed it. He was faithful through our whole journey.
    He will be faithful to you too. He loves you and your husband and He loves your sweet girls.
    "Now may the God of PEACE Himself sanctify you entirely; and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved complete, without blame at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. FAITHFUL is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass." 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24

  14. Just wanted to stop by and say that I'm praying for you. Your faith is such an encouragement and I know God will use this to draw you even closer to Him.

  15. Hello from a complete stranger! Your strength is astounding. I cannot imagine going through something like this- something so out of your control. Let yourself experience God's comfort through the pain. Praying for you both and your sweet babies.

  16. I found you through Danielle's blog and I just feel so blessed to be able to hear your story and pray for your girls.

    I'm not a mom yet so I cannot even begin to fathom the fear, anxiety, love, and worry you are feeling now but just lay it all on the Lord. Your faith is incredible and I know some whose faith would be shaken by this but yours is taking you closer which is wonderful.

    I'm praying for you. God bless you, your husband, and your sweet girls.

  17. Well this was weird...I first read this through Ashlyn's facebook (I went to SCS...actually, I think my brother, Ben, was in your class.) and made a mental note to be praying. I also follow Danielle's blog and read about you again today. I think it's really important to Papa God that you guys are completely covered in prayer. I'll definitely be praying for a miracle! He can do it. :)

  18. I just finished reading your story. What a great example you are! Your faith is so strong and you know faith CAN move mountains! Keep trusting in the Lord and we will pray for your girls!

  19. Hi, I found you through Danielle's blog. You are blessed with an amazing friend!

    I just wanted to stop by and say that I'm praying for you. Your faith is such an encouragement and I know God will use this to draw you even closer to Him.

  20. Stopped by at Danielle's urging. Good luck to you and your beautiful family. May God bless you and keep you all.

  21. 'O Sovereign LORD, you have only begun to show your greatness and the strength of your hand to me, your servant. Is there any god in heaven or on earth who can perform such great and mighty deeds as you do? deut. 3:24. Carolyn you used to cut my daughter's hair and mine as well and i found you through danielle's blog. We will continue to lift up you, your husband and daughters to our mighty and faithful God.

  22. Hello! I found you from Danielle's blog! (in fact, I already wrote you one message to you, and then this darn computer said that an error occured when I hit 'post comment', so we'll try again. And...if you get two messages from me, well, feel doubly blessed. :) I wanted to pass along my prayers and support for you, your husband and your babies. The part where you wrote about waiting on Him and trusting in Him made me think of Chris Tomlin's song. Do you know it? I love the lyrics, "strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord"
    Keep finding strength as you wait on our Father to take care of your twinsies. Sending blessings to you.

  23. Linking over from TAKE HEART-can't wait to follow your journey, thanks for sharing!

  24. Carolyn - I met you at Nan & J's wedding. Just wanted to let you know I am praying for you guys and your sweet baby girls. I shared with my folks who are praying along with their church & home group. They shared with family friends who run a ministry in Thailand. They and their church are praying as well. Love you and your heart of faith. -Kristie

  25. what a testament of trust & faith. keep leaning on his word especially Jeremiah 29:11. He has your girls in his hands.

    i will be praying for all of you.

    Trust in the LORD with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
    in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.
    Proverbs 3: 5-6

  26. Hi! You are on my prayer list now! What a blog. What a testament that you want to share your life, your story to honor God.
    God has a plan - it's so nice to remember.
    When God has His hands in it, the impossible can seem possible.
    Jeremiah 32:27 - Behold! I am the LORD! The God of all flesh! Is there ANYTHING too hard for me?

  27. I'm a mom of twins, too, and my heart is overwhelmed with prayer for all four of you. May God bless and comfort you, giving you strength for the remainder of your journey.

  28. Hey Carolyn, I'm a friend of Nancy's from college. I just... ache...for you. Oh, how I wish that God's stories for us contained so much less fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants action, but I hold on to the fact that He always tells the very best stories. Hang in there, Mama. You are being held up in prayer.

  29. Hi Carolyn! I heard about you on Danielle's blog. Just wanted you to know that I will be lifting you, your husband, and sweet baby girls up in prayer! I know He is holding you all tightly in His hand!! Faith can move mountains :)

  30. came to your blog through Danielle's.
    praying for you babies!
    God is so GOOD and endless in her great mercies for us.
    keeping your ever-growing family in my thoughts and prayers!

  31. I found your blog through your friend Danielle and your faith and strength is absolutely incredible. I will be praying for you, your husband and your babies every single day and know that God has you in his hands. Through all the fear and difficulty, I can see that God has such amazing plans for your family to glorify Him and I'm excited to see what those plans are in the future! :)

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  33. I am one of those people you've never met but my sister Jen is friends with your sister Nancy. I saw your original blog post on Nancy's facebook wall, read it and burst into tears. Partly, my emotions were for your incredible FAITHFULNESS during this experience. I'm sure you have very difficult moments, days and even weeks, but the fact that you are continually leaning on God is an incredible witness to so many people including me. I am a newer Christian (okay well almost 10 years now! wow), and it's still amazing for me to see someone as mature and incredible in their faith as you and your husband. It is encouraging for me to hope that one day I can trust God like you do. Lastly, my best friend has had several sets of twins in her family with difficulties in utero (one pair born to her mom and one to her sister). So I immediately shared you story with her, her sister and her mom. Now you have 4 more people praying for you you've never met. Praying for protection and strength for you and your babies.

    With Love in Christ,
    Holly Wolfe
    (Tacoma, WA)

  34. I'll pray for your babies, I've had experience with bad ultrasounds, I know what it's like to go with more fear than joy to the doctor but keep leaning on God, He'll take care of you :)

  35. Thank you so much for speaking to us at Sonrise Church this morning...your love for eachother and the Lord is so refreshing in the midst of the trial that you are enduring. Carolyn, you and Jordan, and your baby girls are all in my prayers and i look forward to hearing the GOD does an miracle here by defeating the odds and giving you two beautiful, healthy, and happy baby girls in just a few short weeks, with no complications! We serve a GOD that can and does work miracles every single day!

  36. Another stranger, but sister in the Lord, letting you know I'll be praying for you two and your girls.
    God is good.

  37. I too attend Sonrise and I was so touched by your testimony..We will be praying for you and your babies. God has brought us all together for the good of your family, calling us to pray over you all..I will be praying.

  38. Directed here by Danielle, keeping your family in my thoughts. I live less than 2 miles from Albany Med so will think of you all each time I drive past it.

  39. Cair, God periodically puts the twins on my heart, and I love praying for them when He does! They truly are in His hands! (and so are you and Jordan)